A great Man Goon so soon

I never knew Prof when he was alive, and that makes it pain me more but i will keep reading his write up and books, infact i learnt that Prof elder sister is my neigbour in kabba kogi state, all this i never knew when Prof was alive, his death still ache my heart so bad, i just pray God comfort his wife, Mum and daugther, rest on great icon, rest on erudite scholar rest on Prof. 


A Prophet In The Wilderness!!!

I have not been able to pull myself together to write anything since your flight to eternity. 
Though never met you or interacted  with you directly but I followed most of your write ups. Most I agree with, even the few I didn't, I just kind of see sense of a wise man and reason with you. We all can't agree on everything after all. 
Your death was a shock to me, still a shock like a brother I never met. I keep asking myself why I feel this way,  can't explain it. As I type this I still have tears in my eyes. 
Brother, you were a prophet that cried in the wilderness and like John the Baptist, you left when your assignment was completed. We shall not wait for archeologists to dig up your several writings but we shall your tell story to generations after us.
As a prophet, you even talked about your departure. What a glorious way to sign out of this wilderness. 
God peace be upon your little angel, Tise, your wife and your mother.
Rest on brother, rest on. 



Boss, you happen to be a mentor. You good heart will create a place for u in heaven... Rest in perfect peace Prof


An Influence for Social Change

I have never met you, neither have I read of you till lately. Yet, your death traumatized me greatly. Now I can understand the trauma I felt. You were an influence for social change. Though you are gone, I'm hopeful that some people like you shared in my dream for a sane world. We will continue from where you stopped, and will consistently draw inspiration from your words.
May the good Lord comfort your family and lived ones. Amen.
Goodbye Prof.


Even in death, you inspire.

Professor Pius Adesanmi was one of those role models Nigerian youths never enjoyed to the fullest. How I wish you were around for a longer time. Nigerian youths are tired of looking up to corrupt politicians and other selfish people as role models. Why did you leave us so early? We pray God grants you a perfect rest and bless you with Paradise. May the family you left behind prosper more in your absence. Even in death, you are an inspiration. Sun re o!


Irreplaceable, Witty, Brilliant, Resolute...

Your legacy lives on...

rest in power brotherly...


Thanks for saying hello

This has been my worst week in a long time. The news of your death was a big shock. I was in church when I heard. I went out immediately as my emotions took over. I was crying. I forgot my Bible on the stairs. I was confused. I read somewhere that it wasn't confirmed. I prayed for the news to be fake. I was hoping it was a joke. Hours passed and then it was confirmed on my Vancouver news 1130 AM radio. Then CTV news. I flipped to CBC and it was real. You were gone. Sadly. I dont know what to say. We are mourning. My dear Titcombe College lost one it's best products. We are devastated. Sorry bro, can you please "undie" and tell us it was a movie? Like a joke? Your last message to me was that I should keep in touch. And now you are gone?

Life is unfair!!! have to be proud of your dad. Wear his name as a badge of honour. A short life but very meaningful.

Sleep well egbon. Africa is missing you.


Rest in peace Great man

We the youth of nigeria have lost a light so soon...ur works will speak for you.. .May GOD BLESS UR SOUL AND GIVE YOU THE FINEST PLACE IN ABRAHAM BLOSSOMS..AMEN


I'm glad I said hello.

Prof, I never had the opportunity to meet you, sometimes last year I discovered that you have been off tweeter and that got me wondering where you could have been, that was when I sent you a DM out of curiosity to ask about your whereabout only to learn that u survived an accident. Just when I became an ardent reader of all your columns, tweets...  Rest in peace prof.


You lived an exemplary and fullfilled life Prof

I have never met a Nigerian intellectual that is so exceptionally brilliant in the presentation of his beautiful interventions on national issues yet very humble in his interaction with his friends online where I know him wholly. 

Prof will be pricking your emotion with his commentary yet you will find his manner of presentation very tempting and pleasant because it is not ridden with insults but wit and humor. 

You lived an exemplary and fullfilled life. May you RIP prof sir