To the LIFE Pius Adesanmi LIVES After DEATH

Today, I write in celebration of a man that lived here and still lives here. 

It is not in your memory because you never passed. It is in celebration because you lived. 

I'll forever tell of a man that lived and lives on. Of a brave fighter that never kept silent in the face of tyranny. Prof, not only fragments of your writings will make it to thousands of years, chunks will. 

I'll teach satire through your writings. I'll teach comedy with your comic reliefs, I'll teach tragedy with your sudden departure.

Indeed, you flew home one bright morning .

Rest well professor Pius Adebola Adesanmi. 


A Star Has Left Us

I never met Prof. Plus Adesanmi. I learned about him on Facebook and since becoming his Facebook friend, I was impressed and fascinated by his posts and the psyche behind each posts. I loved his love and passion for Nigeria and it’s citizenry. If many Nigerians were like him (selfless, conscientious and patriotic) Nigeria would not be in the state it currently is. My prayers goes out to his family, friends and loved ones. May God fill the void that his passing has created!!!


Rest on Prof.

Although I never met you in person, I was always looking forward to your columns...I join millions all over the world to celebrate your life and times.. May the good Lord be with the family you left behind...Good night Prof.


Rest in power Prof.

Dear Prof,

I never met you in person, neither did we interact online, but I happened to be one of your secret disciples. Your demise shook me to the marrow, that my wife had to ask if we are related.

I never knew I have learnt a lot from you, not until your demise. when all u wrote about, started popping up from my memory.

The hopeless will miss you

The downtrodden will miss you

The oppressed will miss you

Those who regularly drank from your well of knowledge will miss u

Its my prayer that the Nigeria u wished for, will become a reality someday. 

Continue to rest in power Prof. I pray may the Almighty God grant u eternal rest, and shine his perpetual light upon you. 

Adieu Prof..... 😢😢😢😢


We love You!

Tell me about greatest Nigerians and God's creatures of all time and I will boast to you that I know Prof. Pius Adebola Adesanmi. You will forever live in our hearts!



A life well spent in the service of mankind. Your legacy, words, and writings are still fresh in our minds and it will lives longer there.
A legend goes back home too soon.

Rest on Prof. PAA


To live and love is often to mourn

A legend has left us. My prayer go out to family and friends of Prof Pius.😭😭

I pray that God bestow Tise and Her mummy a special grace to strengthen and carry on through this moment.




You left too soon

Pius, you inspired many. Good night. God be with all your loved ones.


He lives on!

I met you on Petra's wall and became drawn to your extraordinary wealth of knowledge.

To think you'd be gone so soon is still a mystery to me. You were a great man and even greater in death. Can't remember anyone being celebrated this much in recent times.

Sleep on as we continue to take solace in how much you imparted and inspired us all. 

Rest on Professor Pius Adesanmi. You live on!



Professor Pius, I still cant believe you were involved in the ill fated aircraft that claimed your life. How could that be? Someone beaming with radiance yesterday and today is no more. Just like that! Your death is so devastating and can't still recover from it .
Oh, death! We all know we are  indebted to you. This you have done is not fair at all. At the prime age, you just decided to take our brother away abruptly. When many generations are still depending on him for knowledge. Nigeria has lost one of her giant and finest scholars. Your wealth of knowledge, art and act were without equal.
I have always looked up to you as a mentor and have been an ardent follower of you reading your column. You have performed your heroic best and I pray God grant you eternal rest. It is only the Holy Spirit, the great comforter that can comfort both your nuclear and extended family. Adieu, Prof!