A Fighter is Gone!

The world couldn't appreciate your struggle when you were here, now that you are gone, your exit brought tears to the eyes of millions! You have fought a good fight. Adieu Pius Adesanmi, a true man that's proud to be a black man! Sleep on!


It is well with your soul great one!

Dear Prof,

The news of your death hit me so badly,even though I never met you your write-ups inspired me greatly. How I wish I am good with the pen! I would have written hundred of thousand words to show how deep it hurts. In all , I Thank God for the life you lived and pray your soul rest in peace. 


There Wont be another Pius

Pius lived full of reverence.
Worked like a horse and toiled like it's fun.
Never hoarding knowledge, he raised further "horses".
Guiding all, remodelling each.
With corrective measures  so palatable.
With E-Horsewhip so pleasurable.
Pressure of life won't halt his pleasure.
Faultless indulgence Pius embraced.
Prof to the world that lived for the poor.
Cerebrally classy, deliberately classless. 
Departed in mystery and still  bewildering. 
Pius' FOURTY-SEVEN is an Ad Infinitum.
Truth be told, there won't be another PIUS!


Purposeful life

To have lived your everyday with purpose,

Speaking your truth,

Fearlessly, Purposefully,

Driving evryone that crosses your path

Towards achieving their truths, theri potential, their purposes

Virtually, for some, physically for others,

Is surely the only way to have lived.

I knew you only through your writings, and recently, only after joining the African Doctoral lounge, but you were part of my story,and it wasnt a coincidence, and I shall strive to live my everyday with purpose, Integrity, and fearlessness in living and saying my truth, just as you did, just as you showed us how. Adieu, Prof. The world has lost a light.


Pius @ Pan African Dictorial Academy


Prof gave of himself selflessly to build a new African continent of minds set in the new millennia of a people centered governance. In death the seed you sowed shall bear fruits a hundredfold. Like old philosophers of repute your candle extinguished when the most high knew you had accomplished purpose and bid you 'take the wings of the morning... to dwell in the uttermost...His hand leading you... His right hand holding you... Adieu leader of the new Africa of renewed minds.



Let it be told

Let it be sung a thousand years hence, let it be told that a warrior lived.

In times of trouble in times of peril, let it be sung that a warrior lived.

Let his story be told let his story be sung, in the valley,in the vales, on the hills , in the huts....under a cloudy sky, beneath a starry night, let it be sung that a warrior walked the earth.

He spoke our sorrows, he spoke our fears, facing the oppressor he spoke his truth.

He fought our battles, he wiped our tears...

Sing his song in a thousand huts, a thousand drums should sing his dirge, a thousand tongues should tell his story..of bravery, of valour , of love and hope.

Let it be sung a thousand years hence, let it be told a warrior lived.

Pius Adebola Adesanmi', may the ancestors even as they welcome you, give us the fortitude to bear the pain of your loss till the day of ours.


Prof. Pius Adesanmi: My Mentor, My Children’s Coach. Beyond boundaries- Beyond limits.


I am going back to my kitchen from where I came. Its all over with Prof Pius gone; the flash in my pan.


How can a Professor in the Arts mentor a mosquito /malaria researcher? That was Prof – who always had a solution tailored to your seeming impossible situation. I met Prof at the Pan African Doctoral Academy (PADA) at the University of Ghana, Legon, Accra. His module was titled ‘Leadership Skills for the Emerging African Scholar’. Prof was passionate about Africa.                                                                                             


After almost about twenty years away from the world of formal academics, I finally found my way back to school for postgraduate studies. With a flair for scholarships and a run for time I set out full force for a full time PhD research in the applied sciences, building on my master’s degree. I had a sacred enablement and with the grace of someone half my age I was set to complete in record time but for unforeseen challenges and political delays; which vexed and broke Prof’s heart. He had perfect understanding of these ‘legitimized’ system deficiencies but palpably detested them.


In a clime enveloped with some of the most daunting challenges, I pushed against all odds and an excellent work was carried out, in record time, with data integrity guaranteed. Next I was instructed to start publishing, where? I asked innocently and most ignorantly. I was advised to go online and publish in journals. Off I went and having self-sponsored my research I had no funds left to publish. With the support of family and friends I went for affordable journals for start-ups and began publishing! Never heard the word predatory publishing until I got to PADA! It was from Prof I first heard the word predatory and it was no longer about my biological prey and predator but publishing. Prof was deep, vast, a reservoir of vitally important information with an energy filled ceaseless flow.


Prof threw me off balance, with heart pounding, knee almost buckling I felt dizzy and faint. Not from hunger pangs but from fresh knowledge acquisition of things I didn’t know. The tears flowed freely in his class and in the hall of residence after lectures. I sighed, I heaved, hiccupped, sobbed more and prayed. At this point, all the components of my driving force: the pain of lost years, divine instruction to go back to school, series of strange warnings never to give up on this one project, the fear of returning to the down ward trajectory  or being stuck in a rut for the rest of my life all paled away. I was going to give up-back to my kitchen-the system is rigged against me. Prof knew I could only have come this far with a deadly determination, unmeasurable sacrifice, high level discipline and unquantifiable hard work. So for the next two years and until this painful demise, he made out personal time to walk me beyond each crisis point and spurred me on. Step by step, he took me from dead on arrival to a fresh breath of hope amidst hot tears. He made out a plan, added crucial building blocks and provided scaffolds to help an emerging, promising female African scholar (his description and discovery) climb the twisted ladder of life. Prof would say and I quote


“Madam Celina, we need to see oh, we need to sit down and talk, you need to give me update on our plan. This work if na oyibo country you do am, them go give you award with grant to do more project for Africa. You and those your daughters are too intelligent to be wasted. The world is yours to take as African females, we have to do something; we need to rebuild your CV and see about getting your girls to run beyond the limits and traditional boundaries of where you are’’ At our last meeting Prof was pleased to know that I had achieved 75% of the target he set for me. He was even more pleased that my daughters had taken the international exams he recommended and also on course with their individual targets. I was a student yet, he treated me like a colleague and older sister.


One after the other with uncommon wisdom and precision he listed out the next steps after which he would link us with gatekeepers when we … WE MEET AGAIN. When and how - NOW? I am in shock, in denial and despondent. I'm not afraid of death, we will all die oh but hey Prof Pius is this how to exit this sphere- A BLAST OFF?  Must it be now? I CANNOT say good night, this is a very hard pill to swallow. It just can’t be true, everyone is making a mistake, and it’s only a bad dream.


Prof Sir, we have unfinished business and I do not know what to do. Look from wherever you are and see how devastated we all are. Who will comfort who? I have been asking you zillion questions and your silence is deafening. Good morning my mentor, my children’s coach, the flash in my pan.


PS-My husband had to attend the January 2019 PADA closing ceremony in Ghana to meet Prof who should be visiting with our entire family in Lagos later in the year. All that ‘gone with the wings of the morning’  Haaa.












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piusadesanmi is straight forward an intelligent man a professor with street credibilty so sad your sun set in the Afternoon


You left you footprints in the sands of time.

The world has just lost one of the great men but still you left your footprints in the sands of time. Sleep well prof Pius!!!


The Man With The Pen of Truth

My generation is blessed to have witnessed someone like you. Your writings opened a deep, innermost place in me. The place that dares me to explore more, demand more and challenge myself the more. Your writings are like light in a dark tunnel. With your pen, your wit and your satirical manner of writing you gave us entrance into your world and make us see the world through your eyes and heart. 
Thank you, Oga Pius! Your contribution to humanity and commitment to make Africa great won’t be easily forgotten. 
Rest On Prof!