Irreplaceable Diamond gone with the dust..

You were  a rare breed,  you were a fulcrum of support to many that crossed your path.. ..

Nothing shakes you, nothing moves you, there is no word like impossibilty in your African dictionary. You watch and protect your very own from afar, but yet so close. You seems to have a timetable for everyone... You see why is difficult to believe, accept, adapt, grieve that you are no more..... You want success for everybody and anybody, your love transcend beyond tribal diversity, beyond nations... Once you are human, your love and attention is gained. Going to your wall to read you as been my strenght never to give up on my daily life pursuits. You gave me strength, positive energy, love, support that came so real as if we had met physically, but all was virtual, but affects my daily physical life, and keeps me moving on and on. Life is a fickle, you thought me that now, in a most shocking way I'm finding it hard to come to terms with, so with all the positive eberoyou exude, it could go off in a flash... Yes you thought me that even in death, also to celebrate myself anytime I find opportunity to do so, yes you did with your last picture and message ,you see Uncle P... Even in death, you are still teaching me, and daily after your death, with all around me(us), you are still teaching me. I'm one of your aburos that will live well and never disappoint you, you will keep on to be proud of me, of us.

Sleep well great one!!!!

Sleep well Inestimable diamond in the dust, I wish we can find you and bring you home ,to us again. ... But the Lord has found you and kept you where martyrs are been kept till eternity, enjoy your celebrity status in heaven as we celebrate you here Egbon P!!!

I will miss everything about you. . ...


A mentor turned immortal

I have never been this shocked in life!  I hope I recover from the shock on time. The memory keeps coming since Sunday. You are dead but your legacy will surely live on, Prof. You left a vacuum that will be hard for ordinary people to fill. Adieu Mentor!


Adieu Egbon P

Life is too short. Too fickle. Too many things we don't get. So much we don't see. Too many unanswered questions.

One of Nigeria's most brilliant minds without a doubt.

Prof P’s painful passing is a reminder that 'life is like a vapour that appears for a little while and then disappears'.

May the Lord teach us to number our days.

Adieu Egbon Pius💐