One of Africa golden sons is gone

You shine sooo bright. From Kogi State, Nigeria, you raised the flag of Nigeria and Africa very high. You have done your part in the life of living. Rest in peace.


We are inconsolable

Rest in Peace Prof. We love you. We miss you. We are inconsolable.


D sky is Black

U we're among d rare gems while on Earth... Only Almighty knows why u have to go now... May God bless ur soul


You became a blessing

I never got to meet you face to face but my 3 years sojourn in Kogi and our politics got me closer to your works and were blessed and you became a blessing to the whole world as God told Abraham when he was called..Thank you for those encouraging words and show casing Nigeria to the world.Thank you for remaining firm to the word of God despite cultural change.You became a light to the world and thank you for that.

You came,saw and conquered. My prayer is that the Almighty comfort your family especially( Tise,your wife and mom) 


Sleep beloved, rest.

Prof, you were looked upon with awe when alive and now in death, your name is on every lip. May you find rest in God and may God's spirit minister peace to the hearts of all those you left behind. Amen. 


Adieu Prof.

Life is transient and a Vanity. It fades away like a flicker of light on a dark night. Prof. Adesanmi, your passing is a sad reminder of these truths. Though you have departed this world, your positive contributions to it will never be forgotten. You will forever be in our thoughts. Rest in Perfect Peace Sir.


“Now He Belongs To The Ages”

Folks like you don’t die. To paraphrase Wole Soyinka, those who refuse to stay silent in the face of tyranny never die. You spoke eloquently and wrote copiously against the tyranny of poor governance, the tyranny of corruption, the tyranny of under-development, the tyranny of division. You went beyond that. You took action, working to help many to chart positive courses which impact will go beyond them. It is for these and many more that a numbed yet grateful humanity on this side of the living divide mourns your departure.

When Abraham Lincoln died, his friend and Cabinet Member, Edwin M. Stanton said to the small gathering of people at Lincoln’s bedside, “Now he belongs to the ages.” The same is eminently true for you. So as you have taken your place amongst the Ages, here is wishing you rest. A perfect rest. A rest that comes from the assurance that you will never be forgotten.

Thank you, Professor Pius Adesanmi. Rest in Perfect Peace, Brother!


Celebration of Life

I choose to celebrate you senior Pius knowing that you have lived a full and fulfilled life. Your sojourn here on earth though short but very impactful. You died empty… you gave yourself, you gave everything you had.

The evidences are everywhere with the outpouring of encomiums and tributes from every corner of the globe.

Thank you for showing the world who we are as blacks and Nigerians.

Thank you for all your good works.

The Lord will keep Tise, Muyiwa and Mama Adesanmi.


True Nigerian. True Patriot.

Words can't do justice to immortalise Prof.

He made us all want to do better.

Because of him, we will.